San Antonio Brahmas: A New Era in XFL Football

The San Antonio Brahmas are back in action as part of the newly revived XFL. The team, which played in the original XFL in 2001, is owned by businessman and former NFL player Daryl Johnston. Here are some points about the team and what fans can expect from the new era of XFL football.

History of the San Antonio Brahmas

The San Antonio Brahmas were one of the original teams in the XFL’s inaugural season in 2001. Coached by Jim Haslett, the team played its home games at the Alamodome and was known for its physical brand of football. Although the XFL folded after just one season, the Brahmas left a lasting impact on San Antonio and its football fans.

A New Era of XFL Football

The XFL has been revived for a new era of professional football, and the San Antonio Brahmas are poised to be a major player in the league. With Daryl Johnston as the team’s owner and Jeff Jagodzinski as head coach, the Brahmas bring a wealth of football knowledge and experience to the organization.

Coaching Staff

Jeff Jagodzinski, a former NFL assistant coach and college coach, leads the team’s coaching staff. Jagodzinski is known for his innovative offensive strategies and is expected to bring an exciting brand of football to the Brahmas.

Home Field Advantage

The Alamodome, the Brahmas’ home field, has undergone renovations and upgrades to enhance the fan experience. With a seating capacity of over 64,000, the Alamodome is one of the largest venues in the XFL.


The Brahmas’ roster is made up of a mix of experienced professional players and up-and-coming talent. Marquise Williams, a former NFL and CFL player, leads the team’s offense at quarterback. Royce LaFrance, a former NFL and CFL player, anchors the team’s defense at defensive lineman.


The San Antonio Brahmas are expected to be a major contender in the XFL and a fan favorite in San Antonio. With their physical style of football and experienced ownership and coaching staff, the Brahmas are poised for success in the new era of XFL football.

In conclusion, the San Antonio Brahmas are back and ready to compete in the new era of XFL football. With a strong history in the original XFL, experienced ownership and coaching staff, and a talented roster, the Brahmas are sure to deliver exciting football to San Antonio fans and XFL fans around the world.

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